Using 100 Percent of Your Mind

Amanda Devine

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Scientists say that we use only between 3-10% of the mind. What about the other 90%? Is it just sitting there? Doing nothing, looking good? As you know everything in nature has its purpose. There is nothing in nature that is not supposed to be used. If we don’t use something it is only because we have no idea how to take advantage of what we already possess.

Your Mind ImageWhat if you could use 100 percent of your mind to create a very successful business, get the perfect job, make more money, have amazing relationships, have perfect health, raise successful and brilliant children, and much more? You would achieve results you have never had before! You have the power to achieve everything you want, you just need to know how to tap into it.

The power of your mind goes beyond anything you can imagine in your wildest dreams. Sometimes, purely by accident we engage it and we experience a miracle or a fantastic coincident of luck.

We think that for us to use 100 percent of our mind we have to be geniuses. We all are brilliant, we just need to realize that we are. When the power of the mind is used, children go from C’s and D’s to A’s or B’s in their school achievements and adults are reaching new heights in their accomplishments.

The wisdom of the ages, going back six thousand years, is presented in a very simple formula that shows how to access 100 percent of the mind. It is a completely new way of thinking, something you have never done before, but at the same time it is simple and brilliant in its simplicity.

We often hear that we do lots of thinking that we need to change, in order to achieve great things in our lives. The wisdom of the formula uncovers to us that we have absolutely nothing to change! Your past and your present have absolutely nothing to do with your future! The formula reveals a completely new way of thinking that you start from scratch. It is so simple that it will amaze you and when you apply it, your life can change on a dime. Why? When you use 100 percent of the mind your advanced thinking creates desired things instantly and you create miracles. The formula is a recipe for creating abundance in every area of your life at the same time. When you use your mind the way we meant to, everything becomes possible!

Scattered Formula ImageA very interesting fact is that the pieces of the formula are scattered all over the place. That is why it took me a while to put it together. But there is one place where this brilliant formula is in its entirety and that is in the Bible. It is the same formula that Tibetan monks and Masters of the Far East apply. I feel very privileged that I had the great honor of putting that formula together in a very comprehensive way.

I created Totally Unique Ideas because I want to pass to you that incredible feeling that I have every day when I wake up. Every morning I have tears of gratitude in my eyes for the life that I have. My life is Magical!! I want you to have YOUR magical life! I want you to get up in the morning and feel overwhelmed with gratitude for all the amazing things that you experience on a daily basis.

Amanda Devine
Master of Advanced Life Concepts
Master’s Degree in Psychology from Wroclaw University, Poland