I have been watching a fascinating program about flipping houses. “Texas, Flip and Move.” Two sisters and their family members buy houses, that are about to be demolished. They buy them at auction, making a decision only by seeing the exterior. They can only see the inside after the purchase is made. They pay very little money for them. All those houses need TLC, and some of them need much more upgrades than others. They move them on their land and there, they renovate them, turning them into great properties. It is amazing to watch what that they do, very often almost starting from scratch. You can see how much they love bringing greatness to those houses. It is their passion! Then, they re-sell them at another auction. In spite of the fact that they spend quite a bit of money for renovations they make nice profit at the end. After purchase, the buyers then move those beautiful houses on their own land.

When we buy a house, we like it to have nice street appeal. But the truth is that the most important part of our house is the inside. We want certain things in our house to make us feel very comfortable while we are there. After we purchase it, we decorate it. We make it our own. We put our own spin on it. At that moment, the house becomes our home. A place where we always come to rest, have fun, and feel safe, etc. One of the most important things in our lives is to have a roof over our head.

So, let’s make a cute comparison to the show that I was talking about. You see, our mind is like a house. The great fact is that we all have it. But the very important thing is to make that house our home. A house becomes a home when we put our heart into it.

We sort of look at it from outside. It looks good. But the inside of it is a true mystery. What potential does it have? We can only find out about it when we take a good look inside. For that we need a key…Oh, whew! We are lucky the door is slightly ajar. We walk inside and it looks impressive. It is better and bigger than we realized. Sounds great! As we are exploring it, we find a very interesting door there. We try the handle. It is locked. We scratch our head wondering, where can we get a key to that door? What is behind that door? We do everything we can to open it, but it stays locked. After multiple attempts, we decide to leave it and concentrate on the part of the mind that we can see. We need to make it our home. We get excited about it and start beautifying it. We put our spin on it and we do it with love and passion. As we are having fun in our new adventure of making our mind our home, by feeling lots of love for ourselves, suddenly…we realize that the mysterious door that was locked, now is slightly ajar. Why has that happened? – We wonder. Love. Love is the key to that door…we are fascinated by the discovery. We slowly open the door…our heart is beating fast with excitement. We look inside and we take a long loud sigh….as what we see far exceeds our expectations. The area behind that door is bigger than anything experienced so far! And we come to a huge conclusion, that our mind is so much bigger and much more spectacular than we have ever imagined in our wildest dreams! As we walk inside…exploring in awe the incredible potential that it contains, we discover that there are more doors there. We try them and they are all locked. We smile…as we now know what opens them. We know that we have the key to the every single door that is there. And the key…is the simplest and the most powerful thing that we already possess…love. We are all born with an amazing mind as well as the key that opens all the doors that are there. All we need to do is use that key. We need to love ourselves more. We know that the more we love ourselves the more doors are open…revealing new ones…ready to be explored…and we realize that we can open them all. And…we have a huge epiphany! Our mind is bigger on the inside. The potential of it is truly vast...stretching forever…

And…all that we need to do is to have a true make over…paint it with love, decorate it with gratitude and do all of that with passion. It might take lots of doing, but at the end we make a great profit that shows in every aspect of our lives. We feel amazing in our own skin, our confidence goes through the roof…and we are able to achieve wherever we want…for ourselves and others.

Have an absolutely magical week, full of LOVE, GRATITUDE and FUN!!!

Amanda Devine

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