We all would like to be lucky. We think that luck is some kind of coincident that happens in the right time and at the right place. What if I told you that nothing happens by accident? You create your own luck!

The power of your mind goes far beyond what you can imagine in your wildest dreams. You create your life, including your luck. Do you realize how awesome that news is? You don’t have to wait or wish for luck. You can create it! The only person that luck depends on - is YOU. That is so fantastic!

So, how do we create our own luck?

First, we need to see in our mind what it is that we want to create. See the perfect scenario. Then, we need to become calm. Calmness is the key! It will only happen when we are calm. We can create calmness by feeling love and gratitude, and by…having fun. The interesting thing is that the more fun we have in our lives the more luck we have. Whatever it is that you are doing, have fun with it. Create fun!

When you wake up in the morning expect that this is the best day of your life and you are so lucky. How do you do it? By giving thanks for the best day of your life, when you wake up, like it has already happened. This will create the expectation of that lucky day. We always create what it is that we expect. Then, make sure that you feel lots of love and gratitude and that you have fun. Luck will appear more and more in your life making it absolutely Magical!!!

Have an absolutely magical week, full of LOVE GRATITUDE and FUN!!!

Amanda Devine

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