We have heard many times that we create our lives. We do, but…to what degree? We literally create our lives! This is the best news you can ever have. It means that your life depends purely on you. How cool is that!? When my clients learn about the degree to which we create everything, they are astonished. It always takes some time to truly wrap our minds around it. Is it really possible for us to have that much power? And…here…is the fascinating thing. Whatever you think your power is, you are barely scratching the surface of your true potential. You are more powerful that you can imagine in your wildest dreams! You see this World works in a completely different way than we think it does. When my clients learn about it, they start to create their lives on a completely new level. I hear many times my clients saying: You have changed my life! But the truth is that it is THEM who have changed their lives! I only explained to them how everything works. That knowledge changes them FOREVER!!! They look at everyone and everything from a completely new perspective and the new understanding of our reality makes everything so much simpler and easier.

One of my clients, was in awe telling me what she created. She asked her son to take his dirty clothes to the utility room. She repeated that over and over. Then, she decided to use what she had just learned. She felt lots of love for him and asked him again. She was amazed seeing her son picking up his clothes and carrying them to the laundry room. It was that easy! She commented. This works!

Could it be that easy? It is! The fascinating thing is that the simple feeling of love changed how my client felt. When we feel love we become calm and calmness is the key to creating what we desire. That simple feeling is the power behind everything. Albert Einstein, the brilliant mind who discovered that time and space are illusions also discovered that there is a power that needs to explored. The power that is behind every creation in the Universe. This is power that scientists omitted from their radar. According to Einstein that power is LOVE. He knew at that time that the world needed to be ready to receive that knowledge. He knew that as the brilliant and well respected scientist of his time he had to wait with his discovery for the scientific world to catch up to him regarding the understanding of the Universe. So, he asked his daughter to release his discovery when the world was ready. She released it over 30 years after his passing. The question is: Was the world ready at that time? Is the world ready now? But…the biggest question is: Are YOU ready? Are you ready to learn more? Are you ready to realize that things are simpler than we think they are? Are you ready to learn how incredibly powerful you are? Are you ready to create YOUR life they way you want? Are you ready?

…YOU are the ONLY one that can answer this question.

Have an absolutely magical week, full of LOVE, GRATITUDE and FUN!!!

Amanda Devine

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