We all love superheroes. We love watching the amazing men and women doing supernatural things, saving people and always at the very end saving the entire world. It is every child’s dream (and adults as well) to be one of the super humans. But… we very often do not realize that we are superheroes already in many situations. We just don’t give ourselves enough credit for it.

So, how do we go about becoming superheroes?

We need to realize that we are not little people in the big world. We are the creators of our lives! We have the power to create anything we desire not only for ourselves but also for our loved ones.

We have to see how special and how incredible we are. When we look at ourselves as amazing, others will see the greatness in us.

We need to become a great role model for everyone. We need to be someone that people look up to. Think, who is your role model? Someone with integrity, great personality, wisdom, someone you would like to be. Who is that very special person you would like to be? Then, pick the best characteristics of that person and blend it with your personality. You see, we are unique and we need to nurture that individuality. A superhero is very unique. We need to pick up the best characteristics of that special individual we would like to be, but…never really copy that person. Put your own unique twist on it. Uniqueness, that is what makes a superhero.

Then, we need to treat everyone in a very special way. We need to see those special attributes in others. We will become everyone’s superhero when we see superheroes in everyone. We need to see how incredible and how special everyone is and treat everyone with respect and appreciation. This way we become superheroes for our children, employees, employers and other people that are around us.

And...at the end…like superheroes always do…we save the moment and make a huge impact by touching other people’s lives in a very special, superhero’s unique way.

A by product…everyone loves us, adores us and we live a magical life!

Have an absolutely magical week full of LOVE, GRATITUDE and FUN!!!

Amanda Devine


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