When I talk with other business people they tell me that there are lots of other people doing the same thing and that they have to compete with them. Especially Real Estate Agents who say there are so many and they are just one of the crowd. You see, the key is how we think about ourselves. Are we one of many or…are we the only one? What makes us different than anyone else is how we think about ourselves.

You are absolutely UNIQUE!!! There is only ONE of YOU! You have the passion for what you do and all of that makes you the ONLY ONE. The key is to see it and feel it. When we start feeling that we are the best in what we do, when we start feeling that we are the only one, we start behaving in a completely different way. That makes the whole difference! By changing how we feel about ourselves we change the outcomes of our actions and suddenly we find ourselves having results on a completely new level.

One of my clients, when she started her singing career realized one thing. It was her passion and she had an amazing one of a kind voice. In her mind, she was the only one. Her first year of singing she made more money than ever. She keeps making more and more money every year. She is in such a huge demand that people call her and she is booked a year ahead. And… she knows that this is only the beginning. Another client who is a drummer felt that he was one of the many. But then he changed how he felt about himself. He is a brilliant drummer and he realized that. Now, he has a permanent full time job teaching drums in the Academy of Music. And…he is a drummer for well known artists. He goes on many tours to different countries performing in the bands with musical legends. He is living his dream! Only…because he feels that he is the only one. He gets lots of complements from the artists on how good he is including World known drummers.  

So, are you one of many or are you the only one? Because how you feel about yourself will determine how successful you are going to be!

Have an absolutely magical week, full of LOVE, GRATITUDE and FUN!!!

Amanda Devine

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  1. And so it is. Amanda you are one of a kind. Thank you for being you ,you help me wake up a little more every day being more conscious and aware. You shine that bright magical light ! You go girl ! Vickie

  2. What a wonderful beautiful Moment. Our life in all aspects is always perfect when we stop judging us, others and our surrounding and start seeing every moment as perfect and with love and gratitude. We are all connected to everything on earth, your thought, body, partner, bed, car, food, water, everything is energy as quantenphysics proofs.

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