Do you realize that you are the CEO of the most fascinating and the most important corporation that exists for you and that is: YOUR LIFE. You are the one sitting in this big important chair making all the decisions. You are the most powerful person in this corporation and with the great power comes a great responsibility of fun. Very often we go into the seriousness of our daily lives. The most important thing is to have fun with it. But, to truly have adventure with our CEO position first we need to realize what it is that we can do. As CEO we make all the decisions as that are assigned with the powerful title. You see, we have the power to create everything that we desire. One of the most important things that we understand is that we have the power to create everyone and everything in our lives in anyway we want. We can create our business, our clients, a perfect job, but also our family members. Do you realize how awesome it is? You have the power to create all the wonderful things for your loved ones!

Let me give you examples.

One of my clients wanted her daughter to become independent. Till now, she was supplying her with money for rent and her other expenses. My client used her mind and created two jobs for her. This is the first month ever that her daughter has the money to pay for her rent! Also, she has money left over to pay for whatever else she needs. Her daughter is so happy! As parents we want for our children to be happy and confident. Using her mind, my client created her daughter the way she always wanted her to be.

My other client had her son on drugs for years. She tried everything possible. She learned how to use her mind and her son is clean for over three years. He has a job for those three years and quickly got two promotions. He is happy, full of life and has wonderful friends. My client created all of that for him. She is the CEO of her life and she has fun in creating her son’s happiness.

My other client wanted a specific job. In a relatively short period of time he had an interview for that position. Before he went on the interview he put in his mind how he would like it be. The interview went exactly the way he scripted. I asked him if he got the job. This was his reply. “Yes, I have! They just don’t know it yet.” Why did he say that? Because he realizes that he creates everyone and everything. Do you think he got the job? Of course, he did!

When we realize how powerful we are we look at everything in our lives in a different way. We truly realize that we are the CEO of our Life and we can create everything in any way we desire. But in order to fully use that powerful position, it is absolutely crucial that we move from seriousness to the fun part. If you want to create what you desire, you need to put in your mind what it is that you want and think about the fun you are going to have with it. Remember, the only thing you should be serious about is to have serious fun!

Have an absolutely magical week, full of LOVE, GRATITUDE and FUN!!!

Amanda Devine

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