Some time ago, my brilliant social media genius Mary Anne Cipressy told me that I should use videos on my website and I agreed as I knew that they were the future. I have heard about the importance of them many times before but never really felt compelled to do them. Yes, it would be nice to have them, but I can do that later - I thought. But…then and there, Mary Anne said something absolutely brilliant. She told me that I have to include videos as people need to see my passion. She said that only when people see me talking can they realize how passionate I am about them and about what I teach. I instantly realized that videos are a true must and they were recorded and included in my website in a very short period of time.

Why you and your passion are the best marketing tool?

Let me tell you something fascinating. We don’t work on logic. We work purely on emotions. Let me give you some examples. Why do we have a car? We have a car to take us from point A to point B. So, if we get an old beat up car in perfect working order it will take us where we need to go. But...we don’t buy a car like that. We want to have a specific make and model with leather seats, GPS, great stereo, maybe a sunroof, or convertible, or maybe? That has nothing to do with logic. An old beat up car will take us from point A to point B like a Mercedes, Lexus or Ferrari will. But…the fact is that we don’t work on logic. Why do we wear clothes? To protect us from the sun and cold. So, if we take a square piece of material and cut a hole for the head then sew it on both sides while leaving some room for the arms…we have clothes. That is the logical way of having the protection that we need. But…we don’t buy clothes like that. We want special material, a specific color, style… and that has nothing to do with logic. Billions and billions of dollars are spent all over the world on fashion every single year. We might say…I am not wearing those shoes. Why not? Their logical purpose is to protect our feet. But you see, they are old fashion looking, or they need to be another color. That has nothing to do with logic. And…where is the logic in high heel shoes? But…we don’t work on logic. Where is logic in make up? Spending all the money and all the time in front of a mirror… Where is the logic in jewelry? As you can see, we don’t work on logic we work purely on emotions!

So, what does happen when we do our passion? Passion is a pure emotion! You have a captivated audience as you speak the language of our true nature - emotions.

You see, you are the best marketing tool that exists. Your passion speaks a thousand words in the very moment you open your mouth. When you absolutely love what you do, people are mesmerized by you. Your body language and the way you talk speaks the passion that you have. We love doing business with people who are enthusiastic. People who follow their hearts will always do the best as they love what they do. We want that plumber, the financial advisor, the school teacher, the driver, the electrician, gardener, etc. who is passionate about his/her profession. It is such a pleasure and honor to watch them at work and we always know that the job they do will be superior.

You being passionate about what it is that you do is the best marketing tool ever!!! You only need to get in front of people, so they can experience your emotions and become enthusiastic about your product or services. As a result they become your wonderful clients.

Have an absolutely magical week, full of LOVE GRATITUDE and FUN!!!

Amanda Devine

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