There is knowledge and there is wisdom. Knowledge is acquired throughout our entire lives as well as wisdom. Knowledge is knowing how things work and wisdom is being able to apply that knowledge. But there is something more to wisdom. Wisdom comes from the heart. It is passion about the knowledge that we have. The passion of applying it. Why people who love what they do are always very good at it? Because of the feeling that they attach to it. Whether it is their profession or a hobby or anything for that matter when they love doing it they will do it very well. They take pride in their work well done.

How does the wisdom apply to our mind? First, we need to learn about the power of our mind. We need to realize how incredibly powerful we are. We need to realize that our reality works in a different way than we think it does. Knowledge is required to lean about that subject first. Our lives seem so complex. But the truth is that everything is extremely simple. Our reality works in a very simple way. That requires changing all that we know into a completely new, very simple way of looking at things. In other words, we need to change all that we know into a completely new simplicity. There is much more to it, but for you to start on the journey of that knowledge we need to understand some very simple things. You create everything in your life. You create everything by the way you feel. Only when you feel good do you create what you desire. You are more powerful than you can imagine at this very moment. You have the power to create everything. The key to achieving whatever you desire is calmness. The calmer you are the more and the faster you can create. That is a bit of the vast knowledge that is required to master our mind.

Now, let’s go to the wisdom. Wisdom is applying that knowledge. You know now that you create everything by the way you feel. In order for you to create what you want you need to feel good. The application of that knowledge is to learn and become a Master of feeling good. A Master of calmness that transforms into patience. In other words, for you to become wise you need to become very patient. Remember? The calmer you are the more you are able to create what you want and the faster you can create it. The key is to maintain that calmness throughout the day.

How can we stay calm? Love and gratitude create calmness. The more love and the more gratitude you feel the calmer you become. When you have fun you become calm.

So, feel love for everything. Be grateful for everything and have fun with everything you do.

Have an absolutely magical week, full of LOVE, GRATITUDE and FUN!!!

Amanda Devine

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  1. Thank you again that was very meaningful and very insightful I love you thank you and have a magical magical week. Vickie ???

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