In one of the movies from the Star Wars series, Luke Skywaker lands on a swamp planet. There, the mysterious Jedi Master - Yoda is teaching him how to advance his skills of using the Force (a special mental power that is utilized by Jedi Masters). In that movie there is this brilliant scene.

Luke is standing on his one hand and lifting up rocks from the ground with his mind. Master Yoda, who is a little green alien about one foot tall, is guiding Luke on using the Force. Luke is really concentrating…when…suddenly his spaceship that he landed on, in the swamp starts sinking. He loses the concentration and all the rocks that were floating in the air fall down. Luke gets up from the ground and in frustration, he watches his spaceship disappearing into the swamp. Master Yoda asks him to use his mind power to bring the ship back. Luke puts his hand forward and concentrates. The surface of the water breaks and the ship appears…slowly moving up. You can see more and more of it. Suddenly the ship goes down and disappears under the surface. Luke is frustrated. He tells Master Yoda that the spaceship is too big and that he asks of him the impossible. Master Yoda shakes his head and comments that the size has nothing do with it. The little green Master Yoda moves forward, outstretches his little arm and concentrates. The surface of the water breaks and the spaceship appears. With his mind, Master Yoda moves it from the swamp and gently places it on a dry piece of land. Luke is in awe. “That is impossible!”, he says. “That’s why you failed”, Master Yoda replies.

In order for us to achieve our goals we need to believe that we can reach them.…it is a very interesting fact. We don’t need to believe, that we can do them, when we set them up. We create that belief after we choose our goals. That belief is crucial as we can’t achieve them without it. Our power lays in the belief that we CAN do it.

So how do we create that belief?

You set yourself a goal that is fascinating, but at the same time it might feel unrealistic. Remember, the unrealistic goal is the one we can’t imagine. If you can imagine it, you can have it. Now, you need to get in touch with the power you have by creating the belief that you can do it.

First, you need to become calmer than you already are. Then, you need to see yourself in your mind that you already have achieved your goal. It is a done deal! Repeat it over and over many times a day. Give thanks for it like you already have it. The more times you repeat it the faster it is going to happen. In other words you are starting to believe in it. When you truly believe that you have it, then appears in your life.

Have an absolutely magical week, full of LOVE GRATITUDE and FUN!!!

Amanda Devine

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