We look at our lives and our world and we ask: What is it? We have been asking this question since we were little children. Fascinated by the surrounding world and our lives we kept asking: What is it? Why is it that way?

But… there is a most important question that we need to ask: What would we like it to be? That is the right question!!! Scientists discovered a long time ago that things are different from what we think they are. The science that experienced that phenomena is Quantum Physics. When Quantum Physics was discovered, scientists were curious to find out if the law of gravity worked on a subatomic level. If the particles smaller than atom followed the law of gravity. The discovery was fascinating!!! When a scientist expected that the law of gravity was going to work, it did. When a scientist expected that it will be something different, it was. So, we might ask a question: What is the behavior of a particle smaller than an atom? Does it follow the law of gravity? But…the right question is: What is it that you want it to be? Do you want a particle to behave like the law of gravity works, or do you want something different? Albert Einstein was puzzled by the results of the experiments. How is it possible that scientists conducted the same experiment and have different results? How is it possible that when a scientist believes that the law of gravity is going to work, it does? How is it possible that when a scientist believes that a particle smaller than an atom defies the law of gravity, that is exactly what happens? The right question is what does a scientist want it to be, because that will determine the results of an experiment. When Einstein discovered that question, he was amazed. The mindset of a scientist dictated the outcome of an experiment!!!

Think about it… An atom is a building block of our world. Everything in this world is made of atoms. If we can change the behavior of a particle smaller than atom with our mind, we can apply that to our world. That discovery is overwhelming!!! It leaves us in awe!!! Does it mean that our mind dictates the outcome of things? Now, we have the right question. In that case: What would I like it to be? What would I like my life to be?

I will give you the best example.

My client took his 11 year old cat to a vet and he was told that the only thing he could do was to put him to sleep. He decided to take his cat home. He contacted me and I told him what to do to heal his cat. As he was following my advice the cat’s health was going in the opposite direction. I told my client that it is very important that he keeps a picture in his mind of what he wants the animal to be. You see, he had to change his expectations. He had to expect that the cat was perfectly healthy. He texted me every day, updating me on the progressing condition of his cat. Every time, I told him to see in his mind what it is that he wants it to be. Finally, he decided to take his cat to the vet to put him to sleep. As he was driving his van, he still was doing what I asked him to do. At the vet, he put his cat on the table. The cat was just laying there. The vet came with the injection. As she approached the table…the cat stood up and started walking! They were in awe!!! The vet brought some food and the cat ate all of it! It was the first meal he had in a while. Three weeks later the cat recovered completely, behaving like a young kitten.

That story applies to everything. Whatever you have in your life, the question…the right question is: What do you want it to be?

So, what do you want it to be? And…have a picture in your mind of the perfect outcome.

Have an absolutely magical week, full of LOVE, GRATITUDE and FUN!!!

Amanda Devine

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