We take care of many things every day. We look after our bodies by eating healthy, exercising and going to sleep, etc. We take care of our family, our home and our pets. We pay attention to how we look and we dress appropriately when we go to work. Do you realize how many things we do every day? A LOT!!! But…what about the most important thing? How about taking care of our mind? We can have lots of money, dress beautifully in designer clothes, have a big beautiful home and expensive cars…but does that guarantee that we are going to be happy? Happiness comes from inside. The material things are just enhancers.

Do we want to get up in the morning full of energy and go to bed happy about the day you just had? Sleep very well and get up fully rested? That is a mindset of a happy person. A dream of many people. To be truly… truly happy.

So, how do we go about it? How do we take care of our mind? 

A very important thing is to have a “me” time. In our very full and busy lives we need to put aside even 5 minutes for ourselves. We need to do things that we really love. Maybe it is that cup of coffee that we want to drink in silence. Maybe it is a bubble bath or playing a game. Whatever it is, we need to do it!!! We need to take at least 5 minutes a day to recharge our batteries. When we do something for ourselves that we absolutely love we become relaxed and we feel good. It is like the world pauses for us so we can take a deep breath of happiness.

The next thing is to be grateful for everything we have. Whether it is a little or a lot, we need to be grateful for literally everything. For a smile that someone gave us or a nice complement, or a kind word. We need to notice it and be grateful for it.

We need to feel love for everyone and everything. Feeling love is the easiest and the fastest way to get out of a funky mood. What I mean by it is feeling love at THIS VERY MOMENT!!! Feeling love as often as we can. Feeling love for ourselves, for others, objects, animals, plants…etc. Whatever it is that we see, just feel love for it. Hugging your pet or your partner, your child, a pillow…etc. The action of hugging makes us feel good instantly. The key is to change how we feel as fast as possible.

We need to have fun with everything we do. So, make a game of doing things and have fun.

When we pay attention to how we feel and take care of our mind, we become happy beyond what we have ever thought was possible. It works even in extreme cases. Let me give you an example.

A young lady committed a suicide and by pure chance she was discovered early enough for her life to be saved. Her mom to whom I was referred to, asked me to take her on. As we were doing the program and she followed my guidance, incredible changes took place. She became feeling better and better. In a matter of a few weeks by her own accord, she went off her antidepressant medication that she was on for years. She transformed her appearance as her confidence went through the roof. She walked differently and spoke with a strong voice and acquired her first friends ever. She smiled!!! She got the job of her dreams and an amazing boyfriend. Every time she called her mom, she always told her that she was happier beyond what she thought was possible!!! What was it that she really did? She took care of her mind.

So, take care of the most precious thing that you possess and that is YOUR MIND. Make sure that you feel good. Do the things that are described above and when you do that you will find that happiness is truly a state of mind. The more attention you are going to pay to it, the happier you are going to be…until… your life is going to become… TRULY MAGICAL….       

Have an absolutely magical week, full of LOVE, GRATITUDE and FUN!!!

Amanda Devine

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