The power of our minds goes far beyond what we can imagine. Whatever you think in your wildest dreams you are barely scratching the surface of your true potential. So, what is that we can do? What is it that we can create when we know how to use the power of the mind?

Let me give you some examples.

One of my clients, had hearing aids for 17 years. She can hear without them now. Her friends are amazed that she can hear well even in a crowded room. Another of my clients, a Real Estate Agent was selling two houses a month for two years. As she was going through the program, she became number two in her office of 135 agents. Last month she told me that for the 6 month of this year she has already sold as much in commission as the entire last year. Another client’s husband who used to be a policeman got injured on the job. He went on disability and he basically stayed in his room for five years. He kept the blinds in his room closed and stayed away from his children and his wife. My client learned how to use her mind and in a matter of two weeks, her husband opened the blinds in his room, he started to play with his children and cooks for them for the first time. He smiles and laughs when he plays with them for the first time in 5 years and talks to my client. He even does grocery shopping. My client is amazed!!! She says: “My husband?????? This is beyond what I thought my life could be.” She is so incredibly happy for him and their children. Her life is completely different now. She changed the life of her entire family by using the power of her mind. Another client, saw a beautiful dragonfly and she asked it to sit down so she could take a better look at it. The dragonfly sat down and my client gently patted its wings. The dragonfly stayed in place as long as my client wanted. Another client patted a little gecko. I feed wild bunnies, carrots that they eat from my hand. Wild ducks and squirrels are eating from my hand. Those are only a few basic stories of what my clients create on a daily basis.

I can keep going with the huge number of stories of incredible creations of my clients, but the key is for YOU to have your own story.

You see, we think that there are only certain things that we can create. The point that I am making here is that we need to grow our imagination as the more we can imagine the more we can create. We need to go beyond what we think is possible. Think about it for a moment. You have a smart phone. Everyone has a smart phone now. If I went to the year 1901 and I told people of that era that we were going to have a little box. That we were going to talk to that little box and a person on other side of the globe was going to hear us and see us. That we were going to take a picture with that little box, in color and we were going to send that picture through the air to a person on another side of the world, what would they tell us then? Would people at the very beginning of the 20th century think it was possible? Do you realize that it has been only a few years since we have the smart phones? Someone, thought that a sound, a picture, text, information and a movie can travel through the air. That person had an incredible imagination! Thanks to that person and a team who made that idea possible we now have the amazing smart phones.

Everything starts with imagination. If you can imagine you can have it! If you can imagine that you can heal yourself and you apply the power of your mind, you can do it! If you can imagine that you can make more money, you can do it! If you can imagine that you can have more amazing relationships, you can do it! Etc. So, picture the perfect scenario in your mind. Repeat it over and over. Feel love for yourself and the perfect outcome and…have fun with it!!!

Have an absolutely magical week, full of LOVE, GRATITUDE and FUN!!!

Amanda Devine

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