We drive cars, travel on planes, use computers and smart phones. We traveled to the moon and now to Mars, and we have a space station. If you told it people in 19th century, what would they tell you? Would that seem possible for them at that time? It took a great imagination to create all the amazing things that we now are so used to. The technological inventions are promising us more amazing things to come. We expect now that the incredible progress is going to continue making our lives even better. All of that was just a fantasy to people of 19th century. But for people like Carol Benz who invented the first car it was a dream to come true. His imagination and perseverance started the horseless carriage that we now call a car and use it every day for our convenience.

What about our mind? What is it that we can imagine when we talk about our mind? We can say that imagination started all the technology. That is true. But our lives are much more than technological advances. It is our relationships, careers and just being happy, etc. What if the power of our mind could give us all of that? Can we imagine that it is possible? We are like the people from the 19th century that are just waking up to the potential of our mind. We are just realizing that we possess the most incredible and the most powerful thing that exists in the entire Universe and that is the power of our mind. What we are truly capable of doing goes far beyond our imagination. What if we could apply this power to everything in our lives? What would happen then?

Let me give you examples.

My client who is a dentist just texted me that: “It is magical because I need a new hygienist and out of nowhere my secretary says there is a hygienist on the phone asking if I’m looking for one…it is amazing!” Ather client really liked a beautiful girl that he saw regularly in his gym. He needed confidence to approach her and ask her out. He started to learn about the power of his mind and the girl came to him and begun a conversation. To make a long story short, they dated, fell in love and now they live together and my client has a perfect partner. Another client needed 4 new extra employees urgently as she got another big contract. She used the power of her mind and put a picture in her mind that she already had them. In two hours, she had two people ready to work. Those two people knew another two, so in a matter of 2 days she had the 4 employees that she needed. She told me that they are all working for her and they are very good. All my clients experience things like that when they use the power of their minds.

The development of inventions made huge improvements in our health, but there are still situations that are beyond the ability of technology. By using the power of their minds, clients healed incurable diseases and conditions for themselves, others and their pets. My client healed his father from Alzheimer’s that he had for 7 years. Another client’s 3 year old grandson who was diagnosed with autism, now at the age of 4 is happy and going to school. He loves learning and plays with other children.

I could keep going…but you get the point. So many people changed their lives by learning and using the power of their mind.

So… what is possible when we talk about our mind? The answer to that question is a question. What is it that YOU can imagine?   

Have an absolutely magical week, full of LOVE, GRATITUDE and FUN!!!

Amanda Devine

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