We create everything in our lives. When we are happy with our creation, we can say that this the final outcome. But, if we would like to change what we created we have the power to change it. It is only final if you think it is. If you want something to change, you have the power to do that!

Let me give you an example.

One of my clients, a new car salesman, had a couple that came to the dealership that he works at to look at cars. They wanted to buy two cars. One for him and one for her. One white and one blue. They told him that they already visited another dealership and looked at cars there. My client showed them cars, white and blue and the couple informed him that they decided to buy the cars from the other dealership and they left. My client went to those two cars and felt love for them and for the couple, and he pictured in his mind that they came back and bought those cars. The same day the couple came back and bought those two cars.

Another client’s husband had a routine checkup that showed multiple spots on his lungs on an X-ray. The doctor ordered another test. I told my client to feel lots of love for her husband and picture in her mind that his lungs were perfect. Three weeks later the doctor called her husband and told him that the test showed that all the spots were gone. The doctor was very surprised and my client’s husband was given a clean bill of health.

So, if you have a situation that you would like to change, always remember that you have the power to do it. You need to feel love and picture in your mind what it is that you want. It is very important that you feel love. When we feel love we automatically become calm and calmness is the key to creating what we desire.

Have an absolutely magical week, full of LOVE, GRATITUDE and FUN!!!

Amanda Devine

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