We love Holidays! Depending on our beliefs and traditions we all celebrate some kind of Holiday at this time of the year. Holidays make us feel special and fantastic. In many countries we celebrate Christmas. We put the Christmas tree up and we get presents for our love ones. We say that we are in the Christmas spirit. Everyone says that people are nicer and more generous during Holidays. They say nice things, they are happier and they behave differently. Why does this happen? Because we expect it to happen! We love Holidays, so we are in a better mood ourselves and others feel better as well. We say that Holidays are the times to forgive, to mend fences and feel peace. Times when no one should be left behind or alone. Very often we go out of our way to do something special for others and it makes us feel so good when we do it. We take the time to make that special trip, to say that extra nice word and to wish everyone the best. Everyone does the same things for us and that makes us feel even more special and happier. Then…the Holidays are over…after the presents are unwrapped and Christmas Tree and decorations are put away for the next year we wish that the Holiday Spirit continues…

But…what is really the main thing that makes us feel so good during the Holidays comparing to any other time of the year? Our expectations! We expect to have a great time. We expect others to be nicer than usual. We expect that this is a special time and we put the Holiday hat on. The Christmas trees and decorations are nice, but do they really make the whole difference in us? We make the difference in us! We make the difference but expecting that this is a very special time. We have a Holiday mindset.

So, how about the idea of keeping that special Holiday hat for the entire year? How about we expect that every single day is a special one? How about we expect that everyone is going to be very nice to us and we go the extra mile to bring a smile to someone’s face and wish them all the best? And…give a kind word and appreciate everyone.

It all starts with us! Our entire life starts with how we feel. How we feel dictates what our precious life is going to look like. Why not make every single day of your life a Holiday! Why not behave the same way we behave during our Holidays? How about having your precious Holiday all year round!

So, create your life more special than ever before and celebrate the Holidays all year round by feeling love, gratitude and expecting peace and happiness in yourself and others.

Have absolutely Magical Holidays all year round, full of LOVE GRATITUDE and FUN!!!

Amanda Devine

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