Imagine… that you live in a magic castle. Everything in that castle is alive. Everything is full of life and love. You can feel the love coming from everything. The sofa that you are sitting on feels love for you. The pen you are holding in your hand is alive and feels love for you. You are surrounded by love wherever you look. As a result, you behave completely different. When you sit on a chair, you say: I love you. When you get up from that chair, you say: Thank you! When you pick up a pen, you say: I love you. When you are finished with it, you say: Thank you! The more love you feel for everything the more they love you. You feel fantastic!!! Being surrounded by love all the time? How awesome would that be!!!

But…what if…you make a game from it and you play it all the time? What if any time you pick up an object or sit on something you say, I love you? What if when you get up from the chair or you finish with the object you say, thank you? What would happen then?

You see, you create everything in your life by the way you feel. Only when you feel good do you create what you desire. When you play that simple game of the Magic Castle, you feel good. When you play it all the time, you feel good all the time. The more often you feel good the more you create the desired outcomes. That simple game keeps you in the “feeling good” mode and as a result, things are becoming easy and fun. Your calmness is increasing rapidly. Why? Because, when we feel love and gratitude, we automatically become calm. Your confidence goes through the roof!!! You become a happy person and as a result, things go your way. The magic unfolds in front of your eyes…and… your life becomes truly Magical…

So, imagine…you live in a Magic Castle…and have fun playing the game!!!

Have an Absolutely Magical Week full of LOVE, GRATITUDE and FUN!!!

Amanda Devine

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