What if love could talk… What would love tell us if love could talk?

Let me introduce myself. I am LOVE. I am beyond everything you can imagine what I am. I am ONLY able to see beauty in everything and everyone. Everyone I look at is so precious and amazing. I love tall people and short people, purple people, and green people. I love all people as I see only beauty in them. I love whales and dolphins, tigers and wolves, snakes and turtles. I love butterflies that fly in the air enchanting us with the color and pattern of their spectacular wings. I love little palmetto bugs with their amazing armors that shine in the sun as they run through the grass. I love the eagles, doves and vultures. I love all living creatures the same way as I am ONLY able to see beauty. I love all the objects, big and small. I see only potential in everyone and everything of becoming even more amazing. I love at every moment. I am love, so I love at this moment…and at this moment. And…I love YOU!!! I ONLY see how special and how incredible you are. You have so much potential!!! Whoever you are at this very moment it is only the beginning of what you can become. And that is so exciting!!! But…the most incredible and the most magnificent thing is that YOU ARE LOVE!!! That is YOUR TRUE NATURE!!! You are love. You are born knowing only love. You just need to realize that you are. You need to feel that you are. You need to be like that little child that knows, feels and sees only love. Loving every moment of your life. EVERY MOMENT!!! CONTINUESLY!!! How do you start that journey? By seeing how amazing and special YOU ARE!!! By…feeling love for yourself. By seeing only beauty and the vast potential in yourself. By discovering who you have always been. Love that is capable of feeling ONLY love.

Have an absolutely magical week, full of LOVE, GRATITUDE and FUN!!!

Amanda Devine

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