We were told many times that we should love other people, but loving yourself that is a completely different story. To become a truly good person we should love others and put everyone first, before us.

Let’s analyze it. If we follow the common understanding of loving ourselves, we see ourselves as the most amazing person and we look at others as being second to us. That is the common perception of loving yourself. But…is this really love? Love sees everyone as equal. You see, feeling love for yourself is understanding and recognizing how amazing you are. When we see that brilliance in ourselves, automatically, we see it in everyone. “Love your neighbor as you love yourself”. It could just say: Love your neighbor. But to truly realize how love works we need - “AS YOU LOVE YOURSELF”. Only then, we can understand the importance of loving yourself.

It works like that: The more love we feel for ourselves, the more love we feel for others. The more beauty we see in ourselves, the more beauty we see in others. We need to see the brilliance in ourselves in order to truly see it in others. The more love we feel for ourselves the more amazing person we become as we look only for good in others. We change!!! The feeling of love for ourselves changes us!!! We become completely new people, and as a result we look at others with love. We feel love for other people more than ever before. We become happy, confident and expect that others love and respect us. Why? Because, now, we respect ourselves.

There are some side effects of loving yourself. The more we feel love the more amazing our relationships become and the more successful we become in our professions, etc. Every aspect of our lives becomes better. Things become easier and simpler, and we find ourselves achieving goals faster and we are happier than ever before.

So, feel more love…then, feel more love…then, feel more love…and then keep going… Until…you realize that you are living a Magical life…

Have an absolutely magical week, full of LOVE, GRATITUDE and FUN!!!

Amanda Devine

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  1. Amanda I have been loving myself for the past two years and yes my life has changed! Loving myself is the path to spiritual freedom enjoy! Thank you and have an absolutely magical day!

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