What is it that we can create in our lives?

I am going to tell you a cute story of what I have just created. Before I came to the USA I lived in Australia. As I was packing my medium size suitcase that I was going to take with me on the plane, I was deciding what shoes I wanted to take. 90% of all my clothes that I owned were already packed in the suitcase including two of my 5 pairs of shoes. I only had room for one more pair. I looked at the shoes that I really loved. They were a more dressy shoe and as much as I wanted to take them with me, I realized that I had to be more practical and take the pair that I can wear every day. The dressy shoes I would probably wear only two or three times a year. I packed the other pair and left the shoes that I loved so much, behind. On the plane, as I was flying to the USA I thought about the shoes that I left in Australia. Oh, well! I made the right decision, I thought and I let it go. That was 16 years ago. On Thursday, for whatever reason, I thought about the shoes that I left in Australia and I thought that I would really like to have them. The next morning, my husband and I went grocery shopping and on our way we dropped into a little shoe shop where I was going to pick up a pair of my shoes that I left there to be repaired. As my husband was picking up my shoes, I went to look at some shoes on the shelves. Suddenly, I stopped. I was looking at the same shoe that I left in Australia 16 years ago! I opened the box and took out the other shoe that was inside. They were exactly like my shoes! And…of course…my size. I took the box and approached my husband. I explained to him the story of my shoes that I left in Australia. I bought those shoes twenty or twenty one years ago in Australia, I said, I just thought yesterday that I would love to have them and look I just created them! I said fascinated. My husband was happy for me that I got that shoes like the ones that I left behind. They are not like them, they are exactly like them, I explained. The same style, the same silver gray color and the same snake pattern. Those are my shoes! In less than 12 hours from thinking about them, I was holding them in my hands.

So, what is it that we can create in our lives? What do we think is possible? Because whatever we think is what we are going to create. The whole point is that we need to realize there is so much more we can create than we understand we are capable of. Everything is possible! We can have our dreams and we can make them come true. What shoes of possibilities are we wearing? Do we go for what we think we can have or do we go for what we truly want? How big is our imagination? Do we want to look at our lives and see the ocean of shoes that we can wear? Do we want to walk in those we dream about? Do we want to walk in someone else’s shoes or do we want to create the most incredible pair that fits us perfectly?

The question is: Are you walking in your shoes?

(My shoes are on the picture for this blog)

Have an absolutely magical week, full of LOVE GRATITUDE and FUN!!!

Amanda Devine

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  1. Amanda, I love the story about the shoes. It is amazing that all you did was think about what you wanted and you created the shoes you left behind. It seems more difficult to do this with creating money, though, for me. I know that if I think it is difficult it will be, but I have been at this for some years now already. Did you do more than just think about the shoes you left behind in order to create them?

    1. I felt lots of love for them. I loved those shoes. 🙂 I was thinking about the fun that I had with them. Sometimes when we think about money we might be too serious. We need to have fun in our mind with them. Money is logical. We don’t work on logic. We work purely on emotions. When we concentrate on what experience we are going to have when we have the money, like house, trips, etc., then it is much easier to manifest it. House and trip are emotional to us and we need a good emotion to create. 🙂

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