We all have heard the saying that to understand more we need to walk in someone’s shoes. But…what if that someone walks without shoes?

Think about birds. They focus on the very moment and they always find everything they need. They find twigs to build their nest and they always have something to eat. It is like they know that whatever they need it will be provided.

The interesting thing is that when we apply the same principle to our lives, we create the same things like the birds. When we foresee that we always get new clients we will create more of them. When we know that we always have money, we do. Why? Because, when we expect those things, they are there.

The important thing is to expect that whatever it is that we want, it is there already. We need to enjoy our present moment while putting in our mind that we have everything we need and want.

How do we create that? Calmness is key. If we want to create more money, we need to be calm about it. We need to see in our mind the perfect outcome before we can create it. Before we go to sleep, while we are lying in bed, we need to put in our mind that the next day is perfect. Everything goes our way and we accomplish everything we want. When you do that every night before you go to sleep put in your mind what you would like to happen the next day. You will be amazed how your days are going to change. Before you go to a meeting you need to see in your mind the perfect outcome. In other words, you need to script everything and expect it to happen the way you want.

Like the birds, you need to see that everything is available to you and that you are abundant in everything. When you have that mindset… abundance will follow.

Have an absolutely magical week, full of LOVE, GRATITUDE and FUN!!!

Amanda Devine

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  1. When I read your wisdom you bring joy to my heart and even when you know these things you need to be reminded and I thank you for this. I love you Amanda have a wonderful and magical day and I will too!
    Vickie ???

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