In order to discover the true power of our mind we need to go into uncharted territory. It is the most incredible adventure we will ever take!!! As a result, the knowledge that we acquire will take our lives beyond what we ever thought was possible.

In order to go into the uncharted territory, we need to do things in a completely new way. We need to go far beyond what we have ever done before. The key element is calmness. Calmness is the key to using our true power. Love creates that calmness. Love on a completely new level is required to achieve that calmness. Love beyond what we have ever felt before.

Let me explain.

The love that we feel is a conditional love. We love someone because they love us, or they treat us with respect, etc. That is a condition. In the moment a condition changes, so does the love. It is a beautiful love, but it is the lowest level of love. We love someone, because of a reason. The love that we need is the love that dogs have. They wag their tails when they see us and any person for that matter, regardless who that person might be. They love us simply because we exist. They see only beauty in us. Do you realize how a tall order is that? But, this is the direction we need to take in order to truly access our power. We need to love ourselves like dogs love us!!! We need to see only beauty in ourselves.

How do we achieve that feeling of love?

One feeling of love at a time. We say “I love you” to ourselves and we say, “I love you” to everyone and everything. Whoever you look at, feel love for that person. Whatever you see, feel love for it. Feel it as often as possible and as intense as possible. Something amazing is going to happen when you do that. You are going to become calmer and calmer. You are going to find out that you are able to create things in your life beyond what you ever thought was possible. Everything will become easier and simpler in your life. You will become happier than ever!!! And… as you continue that, you are going to find out that your life is going to become more and more incredible. It is going to become truly Magical.

And… then… you are going to realize that all this… is only just the beginning!!!

Have an absolutely magical week, full of LOVE, GRATITUDE and FUN!!!

Amanda Devine

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