We have experienced different people behaving in a certain way and we were told that certain behaviors are typical for a certain group of people.

For example: We were told that teenagers behave in a certain way and we see parents excepting the behavior of the teenagers. You see, we create what it is that we expect. Because, we were told that this is how a teenager behaves, we create that “typical” teenager behavior in our children. Until, we realize that it all up to us! When we change how we feel about our teenagers, and we see them in our mind the way we would like them to behave, suddenly they behave in a completely different way. I see my clients being in awe when their teenage children are calm, happy, responsible and well behaved. Why did that happen? It happened because they have changed their expectations from the typical teenage behavior to what they wanted to create. The same principal applies to everything in our lives.

When we have a boss that we would like to change, we need to start seeing in our mind the desired scenario. As long as we expect our boss to behave in a certain way, the situation will continue as we always create what it is that we expect. When we start to see in our mind, that boss appreciating us, respecting us, etc., and we play that scenario over and over in our mind we will create the new expectation. And… before we know it our boss becomes a completely new person. He/she respects us, appreciates us and we love going to work. One of my clients with tears in her eyes told me that her new boss is the reason why she needs to quit her job of ten years. She told me that she loves her job and she would love to continue doing it. How about you change your boss instead of changing the job? I suggested. I told her that she can create everyone in her life in any way she wants and her boss and she can become friends. She followed everything I told her to do. She put in her mind how she would like her boss to be, over and over. She paid attention to how she felt and she concentrated on feeling lots of love. In a short period of time her boss became a new person. She was appreciated and respected. She continues working at the same job and she has a friend in her boss.

One of my client’s son was using drugs. For years, she tried rehab programs and everything possible to change him. When she started my program she felt it was the last resort. I told her how to think and most important how to feel about her son. In her mind she needed to see him having an only healthy lifestyle. Things started to get better and one day we had this conversation:

My client: I went through my son’s pockets.

Me: Why?

My client: To see if he has drugs there.

Me: You have two other sons. Would you go through their pockets?

My client: No.

Me: Why not?

My client: Because, they are not using drugs.

Me: When you treat your son in the same way, he will stop using drugs.

My client understood the simplicity of that statement. She realized that when she sees and treats her son as a normal person, she will create him that way. In other words she needed to expect him to be off drugs. She followed everything that I taught her and her son has been clean for a few years. He got a job and two promotions. He is healthy and happy having a healthy lifestyle.

I can keep going with story after story of my clients creating partners, children, bosses, friends, etc., in a way they wanted. The big point is that a typical behavior of any person exists only because, we expect it. When we change how we feel and we create a new expectation of what we want, we can create everyone happy, healthy, amazing, loving, kind and successful.

Have an absolutely magical week, full of LOVE, GRATITUDE and FUN!!!

Amanda Devine

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