After you woke up this morning, have you wondered what your day was going to be like? When you walk through the door of your home, what will you encounter? Are there great things awaiting you on the other side?

The moment you wake up is the most important time of your day. Do you wake up with gratitude for your new day? Do you wake up with gratitude for the things that you have? Do you expect that everything is going to go easily and smoothly? Do you expect that you are going to be appreciated and respected? What is it that you expect?

You see, we always create what we expect.  So, as soon as you wake up give thanks for the best day of your life. See in your mind the sale that you are going to make, the promotion, the great new job, happy children and a cheerful spouse, etc. See in your mind that things are going your way. That whatever you do, you have a perfect outcome. In the moment you open the door there are only wonderful things awaiting you there.

What is going to happen when you follow this simple routine every day? When you wake up do you expect this day to be the best day of your life? Before you know it, your days are going to get better and better and as a result your entire life is going to go to a completely new level of happiness!

I was talking with my client in England this morning. She told me that today was the best day of her life. She said that she felt like she was on the top of the world. She felt so incredible, so happy. We talked for a moment as she reflected on her life and how it has changed drastically. She used to have an incurable disease of her nervous system, and she experienced very strong pain for 24 years. She was depressed and frustrated. She took one day at a time. One day at a time, where after she woke up and expected it to be a great day. She saw in her mind being healthy and happy. She did that day after day. In a matter of two months her disease was gone completely. She feels amazing! She is full of energy and she feels so happy! She makes sure that every day is better than the day before. She wakes up in the morning expecting today to be the best day of her life. After we talked, I told her what I always tell all my clients. Do you realize that this is only the beginning? That when you keep doing it, tomorrow is going to be better and the day after and the day after…and…

So, when you wake up in the morning, what is that you expect? What do you expect to find behind the door after you open it and walk out from your home? Expect sunshine and fun. Expect the best, and you will create exactly that!

Have an absolutely magical week, full of LOVE, GRATITUDE and FUN!!!

Amanda Devine

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