We were taught that we need to make sure that we think positive thoughts. We were told so many times that we need to think positive if we want to achieve our goals. But… there is something very interesting that we have noticed often. We were thinking positive thoughts, really focusing on them and somehow the goal that we dreamed about is still there to be achieved. We wondered why that was the case and we promised ourselves to become even more positive. In other words, to think even more of the optimistic thoughts.

Well…. I am going to explain why that was the case. You see, thoughts are intentions and directions. They tell us what it is that we want. But…the only thing that creates in our lives are feelings. We can think positive as much as we want, but only when we feel good, do we create what we desire. So, when we have a thought, we need to have a positive feeling with it in order for it to materialize.

This is how it works. First, we need to decide what it is that we want. In other words, we need to set goals. When we are happy with our goals, we need to put an emotion to every one of them. How would they make us feel when we have them?

Let me give you an example.

One of my clients had an interview for a job that she really wanted. Her goal was that she already has the job. She put a picture in her mind that they are very impressed by her. She attached feelings to that picture that she already had that position. The interview went like she scripted it in her mind. The people where every impressed by her and she got the job.

The same applies to everything. If we want to have certain things in our lives, we need to feel that we already have them. How do we create those feelings? By playing the picture of the desired outcome in your mind over and over until we feel it.

Have an Absolutely Magical Week full of LOVE, GRATITUDE and FUN!!!

Amanda Devine


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