Our world works in a completely different way than we think. It seems so incredibly complexed while it is extremely simple. This world is like water. Water by itself is shapeless. It takes on a shape of the container it is in. If the container is round, it will have a round shape. If it is square, it will have a square shape. If the container is fancy, it will have a fancy shape. The container is our imagination. We might ask a question: What is this world? But the correct question is: What would you like it to be? In other words, what is it that you can imagine? How far is your imagination going to take you? Because, you can only create in your life what you can imagine. Can you imagine having a job you love? Can you imagine making great money? Can you imagine great relationships? Etc. What is it that you can imagine? Because, this is how your life proceeds.

My client wanted to have the job of her dreams. When the position appeared, there were over 100 people who applied for it. She told me that there were so many people who had applied for the position. How could she get it? I told her what to do in order to create the desired outcome. She followed my directions. She felt love for the position and she put a picture in her mind that she already had it. In her mind the job was already hers. She got the job!!! She was one of over 100 people and she got the job. Another client who is in a multilevel marketing business told me that she would like to have more clients and more people on her team. As she started the program, her business started to increase. But, she wanted to speed up the growth. I advised her to feel gratitude for every single client she had and picture in her mind that she already had a very successful business. She followed my advice. Last month she told me that she had over 100 new clients in the month of March this year. Last week she told me that she has so many wonderful new leaders in her business and more new clients that she just needed only 2 more clients to qualify for a trip with her company. She had one day left in the month of April to acquire those 2 clients. She felt love for her business and she pictured in her mind that she already had them. She got those two new clients that last day and she qualified for a business trip to Cancun Mexico! As soon as it will be possible, she is going there.

Love and gratitude create calmness and calmness creates imagination. The more love you feel, the more grateful you are for what you have, the more imagination you are going to have. Imagination is extremely important, because we can only create what it is that we can imagine. Our lives are defined by our imagination.

Have an Absolutely Magical Week full of LOVE, GRATITUDE and FUN!!!

Amanda Devine

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