Have you ever heard the saying, follow your gut? Of course, you had! But how reliable is that advice?

The wiser a soul becomes the simpler things become. In our very complicated, fast paced world, the complexity is a daily experience. We all would love our lives to be simpler and easier. How awesome it would be to know what to do at any time and make the right decisions fast and accurate. The interesting fact is that the answer to that request is simpler than we realize.

Gut feeling or intuition is the most incredible thing that we are equipped with to help us to guide us throughout our lives. We often don’t realize it or underestimate the incredible wisdom of it. When we apply it, our lives become so much simpler and easier.

How reliable is the gut feeling/intuition?

Extremely! As they say, you can take it to the bank! I make all my decisions based on my gut feeling. I have realized early in my life that when I listened to my gut feelings it always turned up right, if I did not, it never did. So, I have learned to follow it. Your gut feeling/intuition will guide you and protect you. Sometimes we might have a gut feeling that makes absolutely no sense. Follow it! It will become obvious to you when you do. One gut feeling that made absolutely no sense changed my entire life. What would happen if I did not follow it? I would never heal my incurable disease!

When we follow the most incredible wisdom, that we are all equipped with, our lives become so much simpler and easier.

So, if your gut feeling/intuition tells you do to something, do it. If it tells you not to do it, then don’t do it. It will guide you and protect you. It will always serve you right!

Have an absolutely magical week full of LOVE, GRATITUDE and FUN!!!

Amanda Devine

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