Where you are right now is the starting point of the next moment and the entire day of your future. That point is not the situation you are in, but the mindset you have at this very moment. How you feel at this time determines how the present is going to evolve. When you are feeling good, when you are feeling love and gratitude you will discover that the moment you are in, right now, is going to advance in that desired direction. You see, it is not where you are, but it is how you feel that is going to shape your outcome. The great news is that they are your feelings and you can change them any way you want.

Let me give you an example.

My client’s daughter was failing school with a month and a half to go to the end of the year. I asked my client what he would like to happen. He said that he wanted his daughter to pass the year. I asked him what marks he would like her daughter to have. He said that he would like her to have A’s on the next tests. But, how could she have A’s when till now she had F’s? I told him to see pass the present situation and picture in his mind what he would like to happen. He also needed to change how he feels about his daughter’s performance at school. He needed to see her as an A student. In a matter of 3 weeks his daughter was having A’s after A’s. He was in awe! She passed the year!

Everything in our lives starts with the right mindset. It will create all the magnificent things that we want. That right mindset starts with the feeling of love and gratitude and those feelings create calmness. That calmness is the key to accomplishing our desires. The calmer we are the more amazing our lives will become.

The starting point to anything in your life is to have the right mindset. It is not where you are, it is where you want to be that matters. When you put in your mind the outcome that you want and get excited about it, then feel grateful for it like you already have it and feel love for yourself, that will create the right mindset. That state of mind will create true magic in your life.

Have an absolutely magical week, full of LOVE GRATITUDE and FUN!!!

Amanda Devine

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