We have heard many times that we need to dream big as the sky is the limit. Let’s stop for a moment and think about this concept. If we tell ourselves that we have so much potential that we can reach the sky, it is a great start.

Just a start? Really?

When we send a rocket to the moon it goes through the atmosphere first. That is the sky. Then it leaves the atmosphere. It means it leaves the sky to go beyond, to the moon. You see the sky is the limit, because when we leave the atmosphere, we leave the sky. We go beyond the sky limit! The whole point is that the sky is the limit and the moon is a limit as well, that is why we need to go for the entire Universe!

This is a scientific fact that it takes 80% of the fuel just to lift a rocket off the ground. Then it travels all the way to the moon and back on the 20% of the remaining fuel. Wow! When we think about it…it seems incredible that to travel all that distance to the moon and back on 20% of the fuel is sufficient. But the explanation is simple. While we are in the atmosphere the forces of friction consume most of the fuel. When the rocket leaves the atmosphere it ascends freely. The whole trip becomes so much easier.

Sometimes, it takes a lot to imagine things in a different way than they are. We have to grow to new levels. We might think that we have an incredible imagination, but that is just a great start. Moving into the vast Universe requires a completely new level.  What awaits us there? What is it that we can do? What is possible?

Whatever you think it is.

Have an absolutely magical week, full of LOVE, GRATITUDE and FUN!!!

Amanda Devine


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