The most important thing that we need to pay attention to throughout the day is our feelings as we create everything by the way we feel. For us to create what we desire we need to feel good.

We can create the good feeling in many ways. When we feel love and gratitude for everything that we have we go into the right mindset. Being grateful for all the small things in our lives makes us feel amazing in a short period of time. We can think about things that make us happy, like great memories, pets, etc. But…there is one thing that will make us feel awesome in the shortest period of time and that is having a smile on our face. Just a conscious act of smiling will make us feel good. Smile is always connected with happy feelings. As you are reading this blog, right now…smile. How do you feel? Different. You feel better… When you keep that smile on your face as often as possible, what is going to happen? You will find yourself feeling better than ever before. The longer you smile the more amazing you feel. And of course as you smile you will also see people smiling. That makes you feel even better. Before you know it, the feeling keeps increasing and you feel happier and happier. Could that be so simple? Could having a smile on your face make such a huge change in the way you feel? Yes…it is that simple! The simplest thing that we might often underestimate can be such an incredible factor to having the right mindset.

What would happen when we consciously concentrate on smiling all the time? Remember, we create everything by the way we feel. When we feel good we create in our lives what we desire. So, having something that is as simple as a smile all the time will create our lives truly magical.

We often look at complicated solutions, complex processes, just to find out that the true brilliance lays in simplicity. In this case in a simplicity of…a smile.

So, smile a lot. Smile at others and smile at yourself in a mirror. Have fun smiling and create magic in your life!

Have an absolutely magical week, full of LOVE GRATITUDE and FUN!!!

Amanda Devine

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