Imagine that there is a river. There is water in the river and the water has current. We know that is easier to swim with the current.

For us to swim with the current in our lives, we need to become different. We need to change how we look at everything. We need to realize that this World we live in works in a completely different way than we realize. It actually works opposite to what we think it does. We are more powerful than we can fathom! We have the power to create amazing things for ourselves and others. Realizing how powerful we truly are changes us forever.

We need to see beauty in everything, starting with ourselves. Recognizing how special and brilliant we are is the first the most important step towards swimming with the current. When we look at everyone and everything else, we need to see the good things about them. The feeling of love for everyone and everything is a huge factor that changes our perspective. When we feel love we look at everything in a completely new way. The more love we feel the more beauty we see. That makes us different.

Let me give you an example.

My clients felt lots of love for their employees and their clients. As a result, they got a contract from one of their clients that increased their income by $60,000 a month. Why has that happened? Because, when we feel love we swim with the current and everything becomes easy. My clients often ask me: Is this supposed to be so easy? Yes, it is!

Why feeling of love is so incredibly important? Because, when we feel good, we create what we desire. In other words, we swim with the current.

So, become a different person. Feel more love than ever before. Be more grateful for everyone and everything and you are going to swim with the current. As are result your life is going to be easy and fun!!!

Do you know what happens after we swim with the current for a while? The current picks us up and carries us. Then, our entire life changes. It goes to the levels beyond what we could imagine. It becomes truly Magical!!!! 

Have an absolutely magical week, full of LOVE, GRATITUDE and FUN!!!

Amanda Devine

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