What is the shape of water? Water is shapeless and it takes on the shape of a container that it is in. If it is a round container it will have a round shape. If it is a square one it will have a square shape. If it is a fancy shape it will have that fancy shape.

Our life is like the water. It takes on a shape of the container that it is in. What is the container? It is our imagination. Our imagination decides what our lives are going to look like. The question is: What is it that we can imagine? Do we say that this is how things work or do we imagine that everything can be amazing? If we want to have an awesome relationship we need to be able to see in our minds what that looks like. Can we imagine working less hours and making more money? If we can we will create that. If we can imagine being healthy we can create it. The key is to grow our imagination. Children have an incredible imagination, but…we all were children once. We had that abundant imagination and we can have it again.

Everything starts with pictures. A picture is an extremely important part of our success. Why? Because, we think in pictures. If I say: Your car. You will have a picture of your car in your mind. If I say: Your home. You will have a picture of your home in your mind. Now, we need to have a picture of our perfect relationships, our successful business, our health, etc., in order to create it. What would that look like? If we can imagine we can have it. But as you see it starts with our imagination. What is that we can imagine? How far can we take our imagination? Because, that is how our lives are going to look.

Whatever it is that you have right now in your life your imagination is going to take it to the next level. We just need to picture in our mind the perfect outcome over and over again throughout the day. Play that picture in your mind until you will see it in your life. My client wanted to have a Dodge Viper. That was his dream car, so he played the picture of it in his mind every day, over and over. Now, he is driving his Dodge Viper as he has made money to buy it. He pictured it until it became reality.

So, what would you like your perfect life to be like? Imagine it and picture it in your mind. Keep playing that picture until you live that life.

Have an absolutely magical week, full of LOVE, GRATITUDE and FUN!!!

Amanda Devine

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