Do you realize that you were born perfect and equipped with everything you need to become extremely successful?

Let’s analyze it.

You were born knowing only love. You felt only love for everyone and everything. You were given an incredible imagination and you could see yourself achieving everything, far beyond what everyone thought was possible. You were given incredible resilience and amazing persistence. You kept getting up off the floor over and over again, until you could walk perfectly. According to scientists, you probably got up over 900 times until you mastered the skill. You saw fun everywhere and in everything. You created fun in every situation. You looked with incredible curiosity at everything and you were so eager to learn and try. It was easy for you to learn as you acquired your knowledge through fun. You progressed the most in the shortest period of time in your first five years of life. All you could see through your eyes was beauty and you were in awe with your surroundings. You often laughed. You laughed at others and at yourself. You loved yourself and you saw yourself as perfect. You loved others and you saw them as perfect. You praised yourself for the smallest things that you achieved and you were so proud of yourself. Your life was so easy, full of fun and incredible adventure. And then…you grew up…and become an adult…

Let’s think for a moment…

What are the required characteristics that we need to have in order to become extremely successful in every aspect of our lives?

We create everything by the way we feel. In order to create what we desire, we need to feel love. The more love we feel the more incredible life we are going to create. We need to have an amazing imagination as we can only create what we can imagine. We need to be persistent if we want to create something spectacular. We need to be eager to learn about our profession and the power of our mind if we want to take our lives beyond what we thought was possible. We have to have fun learning and see fun and adventure in everything. We need to see beauty in ourselves and everyone and everything else. We need to see ourselves perfect and pat ourselves for the smallest progress we make in order to create the big things. We need to see how amazing and special we are and laugh at ourselves often. We need to have fun all the time.

Does it sound familiar? In other words, you need to become like the little child you once were. You need to look at everything through the eyes of the child. When you do, your life will become easy and fun!!! You will take it far beyond what you thought was possible…until…it becomes truly Magical!!!

And that…is ONLY the BEGINNING!!!!

Have an Absolutely Magical Week full of LOVE, GRATITUDE and FUN!!!

Amanda Devine

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