Is there a secret to success? If we ask that question that has been on our minds our entire lives we will receive different answers. We will read and hear that there is no secret and all we need to do is work hard and persevere in order to achieve success. But we know that we can work very hard and keep at it, and still the desired thing might not happen. On the other hand we can see people achieving success very easily. What makes the difference? So, we keep looking…

In other places we read and hear that there is a secret and when we apply it amazing things happen. We look for the secret as we want to create our lives the way we desire. What if we could just put our hands on that amazing formula that could transform our entire lives? That would be so awesome!

So, is there a secret or not? Yes. That incredible knowledge has been available for centuries to everyone who has a passion for it. A very fascinating fact is that it is so incredibly simple that we would never even consider that knowledge as being valid. There is no way it could be that simple, we would say. It is almost too simple! You see, in our complicated world we think that anything of value has to be very involved. So, we often disregard it, before we even start investigating.

So, what is that secret? It takes a long time to explain it. How come? If it is so simple why does it take a long time to explain it? Because it is a completely new way of thinking, something we have never ever done before and we need to wrap our minds around it. We need to take our complex way of thinking and make it incredibly simple and that is completely new for us. We need to learn from scratch.

But, I am going to give you a very important glimpse into that secret. Something than when you really apply will make a difference in every area of your life.

We don’t create anything in our lives by the way we think. Though by itself does not have any power whatsoever. A thought is just an intention, direction in which we are going. Thoughts evoke feelings and feelings create everything in our lives. That is why we can work very hard and get nowhere while others can achieve success so easily. The difference is in the feelings. Only when we feel good do we create the desired outcomes. We can think positive, but if we feel badly our dreams are not going to manifest. That is why it is so important to pay attention to how we feel. Not only how we feel about everyone and everything, but most important how we feel about ourselves. You see, we create everything with our emotions so, when we beat ourselves up about something, or worry, those feelings are going to prolong and make worse the situation we are in. We need to change those emotions to good ones as soon as possible. The easiest way to do it is to feel gratitude for what we already have. And no matter where we are and who we are we always have lots of things to be grateful for. When we feel gratitude we automatically feel good and those feelings create what we desire.

Now you understand why we can think positive and still not manifest what we want. Because thoughts don’t create. Feelings do! So, feel love for yourself and give thanks as often as possible. Pay attention to how you feel. Remember, feelings create everything, so feel good about yourself. See how amazing and special you are. Make sure you feel good and your life is going to become magical in every area.

Have an absolutely magical week, full of LOVE GRATITUDE and FUN!!!

Amanda Devine


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