What if you knew that you could create not only your life, but your loved ones lives as well? Would you worry about them?

What if you knew that you could create everything in your life, would you worry about what is going to happen next? What if you knew that you are the power that creates everything and all you need to do is to know how this World and the process of creation works. What would happen to those negative thoughts and feelings? They will keep disappearing as your understanding and your skills of using your power increases.

The truth is that you have the power to create your life and the lives of others in any way you desire.

My client, Marie got a message that her daughter was very sick in the hospital in the ICU. She had E.coli. Her organs were shutting down and three doctors told Marie that no one survives it. There was no hope for her daughter. But, Marie knows how everything works and she understands her power. She texted me that she was very calm and that she knew that she was going to heal her daughter. I texted Marie back, saying that because she is calm, as calmness is the key, she is going to heal her daughter. Marie applied her mind power and her daughter started to get better and better. She recovered completely to the amazement of the doctors. Now, one year and half later she is perfectly healthy enjoying her children and her life. Marie was crying when she was telling me the story. She was overwhelmed with gratitude that she could save her daughter’s life and her grandchildren still have their mom.

You see, we only get worried or frustrated because we don’t understand how powerful we are and that we can create everything the way we desire. When we truly understand that we can script our lives the way we want for ourselves and for others, calmness enters our minds. But in order for us to start our journey in the right direction we need to become calm first. Calmness is the key to our creation. When we feel love and gratitude we automatically become calm.

So, feel lots of love and gratitude and have fun creating amazing things for yourself and your loved ones.

Have an absolutely magical week, full of LOVE GRATITUDE and FUN!!!

Amanda Devine

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