A peacock is the one of the most beautiful birds on this planet. We say that a peacock is very proud of himself. He likes to show off his spectacular feathers.

But…let’s look at this from a different point of view. Nature bestowed that incredible beauty on him. That bird was created in that way, with the most incredible, spectacular train of feathers. Whether he shows off his brilliance or just walks by, his beauty is simply stunning. Every inch of him looks like a piece of art that is masterfully crafted by nature.

What about us?

Let’s look at us from a different point of view. We have incredible beauty about us. We were created with the most incredible mind power and the spectacular ability to love. Whether we show our brilliance or just walk by, our beauty is simply stunning. Every inch of our brilliant body and our mind is like a piece of art that is masterfully crafted.

As you noticed, I have made the same description for us and a peacock as well. So, what is the difference between us and that amazing bird?

A peacock recognizes how spectacular he is. He loves to announce his beauty. He is grateful for it by proudly showing it off. He feels worthy of his incredible gift. It is almost like he wants to say; I was given those spectacular feathers and I will present them to you with all their beauty, so you can appreciate them as I do. And…he unfolds his impressive tail… leaving us in awe as we enjoy that phenomenal sight. Every time we see a peacock our first wish is that he opens his tail, so we can see him in his full beauty. We want him to show off! Why? Because, it is so special to experience that splendor.

Our beauty goes far beyond the peacocks feathers. We are so remarkably spectacular! The whole point is that we need to recognize who we are. We need to feel gratitude for our gift and show it off by loving ourselves. We need to feel worthy of that beauty that was bestowed on us and share it with the world. Only when we truly love ourselves can we open up that almighty power that we possess and we create amazing things for ourselves and others. Only when we truly love ourselves, we can love others in a completely new way. Only when we truly love ourselves, we feel worthy of the abundance.

So, show off your fantastic gift! Display that love that you are, feel it for yourself for the first time in its full splendor, show it off to the world by loving everyone with a completely new intensity and you will find yourself in awe of the abundance that is going to follow.

In other words…find the peacock in you…and you will take your life to a completely new magical level!

Have an absolutely magical week, full of LOVE GRATITUDE and FUN!!!

Amanda Devine

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  1. Speaking of Peacocks – I’m going to show off my colors too. As you know I’m working hard on creating “magic” for my theater studio. I just got accepted to write and study in Italy!!

    I saw the opportunity through my “grant announcements” and told myself that scholarship was mine. Well it is!! This will take place in June where I will take up residence, take in the culture and become inspired.

    Thanks Amanda

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