We wonder…is it possible to have real peace inside? To feel calm in every situation?

It is a virtue that takes time to achieve, but it is worthy of your focus as the experience of it is beyond everything that we can imagine. We start on the journey of inner peace and we find out that as we make progress in it, we become a completely different person. Our outlook on life and everyone and everything changes drastically. But the biggest changes occur in us. Actually those changes are responsible for the peace. It all sounds amazing, but how do we start the journey into the inner peace with our busy, complexed lives?

The whole process is simpler than we think. It requires time to achieve true peace, but the simplicity of it is astonishing. We think that we have to be like monks, secluded, meditating for hours, living a very simple life somewhere far away from civilization. That for us to achieve a true peace we need to practice emptying our minds during meditations, so during those exercises, only positive thoughts are left. This all seems very complicated as well as far from the truth. Yes, monks are extremely calm, extremely disciplined, practicing all of that and more every single day, but this is just one way to achieve the inner peace. There is another way that is much simpler and easier. By following that simple path we can create incredible peace inside us while working, having a family and living our daily lives.

The inner peace starts with creating calmness. Taking the first step is to become calmer than we are now. We start from where we are. The only time that it is important is now, and we leave the past behind. We concentrate on now, as when we are calm the future is going to take care of itself and will be amazing. So, now it is! This is where we start. We start with feeling love. We are creating inner peace, so the person we need to feel love for is us. Then, we feel love for others and everything else. Love creates calmness. The next step is to feel gratitude for everything and everyone. When we feel love and gratitude we automatically become calm. The more love and gratitude we feel the calmer we become and that creates the inner peace. We find that we start to look at things in a different way and we stay calmer more and more often. When people around us tell us that we are so much calmer, we have to pat ourselves on the back as that means that we have made huge progress!

What happens to us when we follow that path?

We see more beauty in ourselves and others. We appreciate and love others on a completely new level and we are loved and appreciated and respected in an utterly new way. We surprisingly find out that we are surrounded by amazing people and things really start going our way. That outcome makes us extremely happy and that creates more calmness and before we know it, we are living life beyond our wildest dreams. Only because we took our calmness to new and newer levels. As we keep feeling love and gratitude and have fun with everything we do…one day…we find in awe that we have created our true inner peace. We are filled with beautiful feelings and stay calm in every situation, and all it took, to get us to that incredible level, was the simple feeling of love and gratitude applied as often as possible during our days. At this very moment our lives become simple, easy and truly magical!

Have an absolutely magical week, full of LOVE GRATITUDE and FUN!!!

Amanda Devine



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  1. Amanda,
    I so much appreciate your teaching, and your love that you share. You have helped me with your lead to find the path I have been searching for so long. I could always find ways to delay, or sabotage my desire to change. But some how with my will and slowly learning to let go, I am beginning to find the peace I have been searching for.. You inspire me. Thank you for the energy…

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