There are many important things in our lives. Our family, health, career, the place we live in, etc. We dress every morning, making sure we look presentable. We exercise to assure we feel good about ourselves and we do many other things that we feel are important to our success in every aspect of our lives. But…there is ONE thing that is the most important! It is more important than everything that has been mentioned here and that is our mind. More precisely, our mindset. Why is our mindset so important? Because, you create everything in your life!!! You create everything for yourself and for your loved ones. The power of your mind goes beyond your wildest dreams! With everything that we do during our days, the most important is to pay attention that we have the right mindset. We need to make sure that we feel good. Sometimes we say that we are going to feel good and be happy when things go our way. The truth is we need to feel good first if we want things to be the way we desire.

So, what do we need to do to have the right mindset?

We need to feel good. We need to feel lots of love and gratitude. Be grateful for whatever we have. Notice and appreciate our partners and our families. Appreciate and respect ourselves. Feel lots of love for ourselves and others. We need to expect that things are easy and they always go our way. Paying attention that we feel good as often as we can is the most important exercise that we need to do everyday. When we do that, truly do that, we are going to create our lives more fun and easy. We are going to take our lives far beyond what we thought was possible and our happiness will reach levels beyond our dreams! We will live…a Magical Life!

Have an Absolutely Magical Week full of LOVE, GRATITUDE and FUN!!!

Amanda Devine

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