Having a money making mindset is like having a money tree. Whatever you do for a living, whatever business you have you can make great money. The first and the most important thing is that you need to love what you do. That is already 85% of your success. Why? Because, the right mindset starts with feeling good. So, when we love what we do, we already have a great start in the right direction. Of course, we need to take actions towards our goals. In other words, we need to find clients. Clients are the base of every business. While we are taking actions, we need to have the right mindset in order for the prospects to become our clients. We need to expect that every contact we have, is already a client. So, in our mind we see the picture of that prospect as a client. We need to see the end result. Depending on your business, it could be a signed contract for a product or services, or just simply a purchase. Now, we have a client. It might be our first client or maybe one of many. We need to get very excited about it. We need to feel lots of gratitude that we have that client. When we are grateful, we create more things to be grateful for. It means that we get more clients. It is very important how we see that one client. We need to be very professional and that means we reply to emails, phone calls or texts asap.

I am going to give you an example.

One of my clients, decided to change her profession and do what she always wanted. She became a Real Estate Agent. Just in the first month of her new career, she made 3 sales and got one listing. Every time she goes to show houses to a buyer, she has a picture in her mind that it is already a sale. Before she made a listing presentation, she kept a picture in her mind that she already had that listing. The man told her that he needed to think about it. She told him that she was going to keep in touch and call him every day. She did exactly that. After a few days he told her that he wanted to list his house with her. He told her that he had a Real Estate Agent, but my client was the only one that returned his phone calls.

It is very important that when we are with the client, we have to concentrate on that client and the fun that we have at that very moment. Fun is a big factor of the money making mindset. When we have fun, we make a sale and the money follows. Money is the result of the fun that we had while we were with a client. But… are we really working when we have fun? We just have fun and we get paid for it!!! That is the concept that we need to keep in our mind.

The same principle applies when we are talking about a job. When we love what we do, we can create a promotion or maybe the same job with more money. One of my clients worked for a big company for many years. She loved her job. The company restructured and she found herself in need of finding another job. She had three months to do it. I told her to put a picture in her mind that she is doing what she loves and she is paid more money. She did exactly that. She got a job with another big company doing the same thing and being paid more money. She loves her new job and her bosses love her.

There are two things that we need to do in order to be successful in making money.

One, we need to have the right mindset. We need to feel lots of love for ourselves, others and for what we do. We need to expect that everyone is our client and be grateful for every single one of them. Expect that everything is easy and we make money quickly. And… have lots of fun on the way!!!

Two, we are either in front of a client or we look for a new client. In other words, we need to take actions and constantly look for new clients. Our business needs to grow. Only when our business is growing, we are going to make great money. So, if you have clients now, make sure that you are looking 2-3 months ahead and you still have clients at that time.

When you take actions with the right money making mindset, you will be surprised how easy and fun things will become.

Have an absolutely magical week, full of LOVE, GRATITUDE and FUN!!!

Amanda Devine

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