Our lives in the 21st century are full of things to do. We go to work or run a business. We have a family and friends. We keep learning more about the profession that we are in and we have lots of other things to do. Whatever it is that we do on a daily basis, it is extremely important that we take time for ourselves. It can be even 5 minutes when we can just take a breath or do something that we really like. I have people telling me that they are so busy that taking a time out even for 5 minutes a day seems a lot. That “me” time is more important than we realize. It is the time when we recharge our batteries and as a result we have more energy and we can do more in a shorter period of time. In other words, we become more efficient. Because, we become more efficient we are surprised that we have more “me” time available to us.

How is that possible?

Whatever it is that we do, our mindset plays the main role. When we feel good, we create things the way we desire. When we take time for ourselves by doing what we love that makes us feel good. Because we feel good, things go our way and our actions produce desired results. When we take “me” time we become calmer. Calmness is the key to creating what we want.

So, let me give you a true scenario.

One of my client’s was wishing that her teenage daughter kept her room clean. She spent lots of time and energy, everyday, reminding her about it. I explained to my client that first she needs to become calmer. One of the things was having a “me” time by doing what she loves. My client loved to take a bubble bath. Also, I told her to picture in her mind that her daughter’s room is tidy. She followed my guidance and as she came to my office and sat in a chair, her first words were: This is incredible!!! Then, she told me what took place. She said that she came home from work and her daughter cleaned her room and she even cooked her dinner. That was the first!!! – my client emphasized - This works like magic!

So, the conclusion is very simple. If we want to have an easy fun life, we need to take time for ourselves. In other words, we need to have fun first doing what we love, even if it is a few minutes a day. That “me” time is more important than we realize.

Have an absolutely magical week, full of LOVE, GRATITUDE and FUN!!!

Amanda Devine

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