Your life starts with you. Whatever you think and feel about yourself reflects in it. If we want people to respect us, we have to respect ourselves first. If we want people to have confidence in us, we need to have confidence in ourselves first. If we want people to love us, we need to love ourselves first.

We were told that we need to love others, but to love ourselves is a different story. There is a brilliant comment that comes from one of the oldest books in human history and it says: “Love your neighbor as you love yourself”. Let me say it again. Love your neighbor AS you love yourself. It means that if we want to really love others, we need to love ourselves first. If we want to love others more than ever, we need to love ourselves more than ever first. What a brilliant concept!!! But…what does it really mean to love ourselves? It means to see how amazing and how brilliant we are. How incredibly special we are. We need to see beauty in ourselves and respect and appreciate ourselves. We need to speak only good things to ourselves. And then…we need to love our neighbors AS we love ourselves. It means that we need to see how special and brilliant they are. We need to respect and appreciate everyone. When we love ourselves more and more, something fascinating happens. We love everyone more and more. The more we see beauty in ourselves the more beauty we see in others and in everything. As a result…we feel more loved and respected by everyone than ever before. Our relationships go to a completely new level, our business increase, we are happier, we make more money, we heal ourselves, etc.

And…when we keep focusing on loving ourselves more and more…our lives become truly Magical…

Have an Absolutely Magical Week full of LOVE, GRATITUDE and FUN!!!

Amanda Devine

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