How many books have we read? How much research have we done, all to find the secret of success. Sometimes we wonder is there a secret? Is there this magical formula that will turn everything we touch into gold? And if there is a formula for success it must be extremely complicated. Sometimes…we wish we could have that magic spell that would create all that we desire.

Well…what if we already have that “magic spell” that can create incredible success in every aspect of our lives…

In 2009 when the housing market was down, one of my clients, a Real Estate Agent had three listings that he had tried to sell for months. I told him to feel love for those houses. The key was to truly feel love when he thought about them. He did exactly as I asked him to do and he sold all of them in a week! He sold two of them personally and the third one was sold by his colleague.

I told that story to another Real Estate Agent, George. Three weeks later he comes and informs me that he has something incredible to tell me. He says that he just got a short sale listing. He went to the house with another agent from his team to clean it up and make it presentable for the sale. It took them one hour and a half to clean it. All that time he felt love for that house. He said over and over, “I love you…I have a buyer for you”. When they finished and he was just locking the house, he heard someone calling him.


He turned around and he saw a neighbor looking over the fence.

“Are you the listing agent for this house?” the neighbor asked.

My client approached the man confirming that he was the listing agent.

“I want to buy this house.” The neighbor said. “By the way, do you have three other houses that I can buy? I want to buy four investment properties.” He concluded.

My client was in awe. He said that by following my simple advice and feeling love for the house as he was cleaning it, he sold four houses. He said that it works like magic.

So, do we have the “magic spell”? Whatever it is that we want to achieve we need to feel love. We need to feel love for our body when we want to heal it. We need to feel love for our partner, children, family, friends etc., when we want to create amazing relationships.

Why does this simple “magic spell” work? Because we create everything in our lives by the way we feel. When we feel good we create what we want.

So, what is the language of success? That language is the simplest and the easiest that can ever be. It is the language of love. Always remember, you can change and create anything you want with a simple thought of love.

Have an absolutely magical week, full of LOVE, GRATITUDE and FUN!!!

Amanda Devine


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