Throughout the centuries there has been a handful of Masters and many young people who desired to learn from them. Those Masters lived secluded and often had their houses surrounded by walls. Only those who were invited could come and see the Master. Masters skills were on such an incredible high level that they required years of teaching for a student to reach the level of Master. As a result those Masters could only take very few students during their lives. That is why they had to choose candidates very carefully and they had a fascinating way of doing it.

A young person arrived at the gate of the Master’s dwelling and rang the bell that hung next to the door. After a while the door opened. A man walked out and gazed at the young visitor. The young person bowed with respect.

I am here to see the Master – he explained his presence.

The man bowed back to the young person and disappeared behind the wall closing the door behind him. A few hours passed and the young person was still waiting in front of the gate. Then a day, and another day passed and the candidate still was waiting for an audience with the Master. A week passed or maybe two and the young person slept and ate outside the gate, patiently waiting that the Master would grant him/her the dream of becoming his student. Finally, the gate opened and the same man appeared. Seeing him, the candidate got up from the ground.

The Master will see you now – the man said and through that simple statement he changed the young candidate’s life.

But…did he really change that person’s life or…that young person has changed his/her own life?

And why did the Master let the candidate wait for so long before he granted him the audience?

The answer is the key ingredient of success. As the Master knew that he was only able to teach very few, he only took the best. He chose those who were ready to receive his teachings. The deciding factor was patience. That is why he let the young person wait outside the gate for days to see how patient the person was. If they were still there after two weeks, they were ready to become one of the few fortunate. The most interesting thing was that the candidates were actually deciding their own fate.

Patience is the key! Calmness creates patience. The more patient we are the more successful we become in every aspect of our lives. The more patient we are the faster we create everything.

So, when my clients tell me that they feel that have become much calmer, I know that success is going to follow shortly. And…it always does. Why? Because, they are ready to create it!

Have an absolutely magical week, full of LOVE, GRATITUDE and FUN!!!

Amanda Devine

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