There are many important things that we need to know that are crucial to our success in every aspect of our lives. But…there is one that is the key. We need to have that element in order to achieve whatever it is that we want. Calmness. Calmness is the key to our success. Why?

We create everything in our lives. What our lives look like depends purely on us. That is the great news!!! We are more powerful that we can imagine in our wildest dreams. We can create amazing things for ourselves and for our loved ones. We create everything by the way we feel. Only when we feel good do we create what we desire. The feelings that we are talking about are love, gratitude and fun. Those feelings make us feel good. As we feel love, gratitude and we have fun we automatically become calm. That calmness is needed for us to manifest what it is that we want. So, if we want more money, we need to become calm. If we want great relationships, we need to become calm. If we want to heal ourselves, we need to become calm. The more love we feel the calmer we become. The calmer we are the more amazing things we can create.

A question: How quickly can we create something?

The answer: How quickly can we become calm?

The more love we feel, the more gratitude we feel and the more fun we have the calmer we become. As we increase the intensity of love that we feel, the calmness goes to new levels. As a result, we become patient. The more patient we are the faster we create everything. The more amazing things we create for ourselves and everyone else.

When my clients tell me that they feel the difference in themselves as they become much calmer, I know that they are ready to start creating awesome things. One couple has a big beautiful parrot. When they come home, they let him out of the cage so he can stretch his wings. After a short period of time, having understanding of how things work and increasing their calmness, they decided to do something completely different. They took their parrot out of the house and let him fly outside for the first time ever. My client told me that she knew that he was going to come back to her. The parrot flew, made circles and came back landing on her arm. She was so excited that she could give her parrot a new experience! Then, they told me that the husband had the most clients ever in the last few days and she was invited on the interview for a job that she always wanted. All of that happened in a matter of two weeks. Why? Because, they became calmer.

So…feel lots of love for yourself, everyone and everything. Be grateful for everything and have fun all the time. That will create calmness and that calmness is going to take your life to a new level. You will create things easier and faster…and as a result your life is going to become truly Magical!!!

Have an Absolutely Magical Week full of LOVE, GRATITUDE and FUN!!!

Amanda Devine


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