Let’s have a look at love like never before.

If we ask ourselves a question, why do we love someone? We all would start answering…because this person is kind, loves us, does this for us, says this, does something for us…and so on. That is conditional love. We love someone because…of something that is special about that person. Something that the person provides for us. We all start from the point that is conditional love.

Now, let’s take a look at another kind of love. The kind of love that you have seen and experienced, if you ever had a dog. Dogs love us unconditionally! They don’t love us because we are rich, good looking, because we love them, because we have a good hair day… They love us because of a simple fact, we exist! They don’t love us for what we have done, or what we have not done. There is absolutely no conditions to dog’s love. If we, by accident, step on a dog’s paw he will wag his tail as he wanted to say, “It’s OK, don’t feel bad, nothing happened.” A dog will wag his tail whether he is in our presence or Hitler’s or another person’s who committed a crime. Dog has NO JUDGMENT whatsoever! But do we really realize how huge that is?

And here, I am going to make a profound statement. NONE OF US HAS EVER EXPERIENCED FEELING LOVE THAT WAY! We have all experienced being loved that way, but we have not experienced feeling it. No judgment! No judgment towards others and no judgment towards ourselves. Ever! We might have a glimpse of that love here and there, but to feel that love 24/7, we have never ever experienced it.

I thought about it a great deal and I have come to an incredible conclusion, that no matter how much we love ourselves and how much we love others, we are not even scratching the surface of what love is about. No judgment! None! When we love someone and we get upset about them for something, no matter how small, it is still judgment. When we comment on our own behavior or our looks that we might not be fond of, that is judgment. We have never experienced the kind of love that dogs have. And here, there is something even bigger. We don’t even know how it would be to feel that kind of love. Why? Because none of us has ever been there 24/7!

The great thing is that now we know where we are heading. We realize that we are at the very beginning of the most incredible journey we have never even known that existed. We are on the amazing expedition where we are exploring uncharted territory of love. Where, as we go, every inch, we experience unique love, and we see everyone and everything in a completely new way. And we realize the most incredible truth…that it all starts with loving us. The more we love ourselves the more we love others. And…as we travel…with every step we take into the beautiful unknown…the more magical our lives become.

So, how do we advance in our enchanted journey?

Love yourself more, then love yourself more, then love yourself more…and then…keep going!

Have an absolutely magical week full of LOVE, GRATITUDE and FUN!!!

Amanda Devine

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