We start our lives with many magnificent goals. We want our lives to be fulfilling and happy. The true summary of what we want is that we desire happiness. We want financial stability, professional success, amazing relationships and health to enjoy all the above. When we look at all of that it might seem a lot. We want success in every aspect of our lives to really feel happy. Sometimes it feels like we need our entire lives to fulfill those dreams. The truth is different though. We can achieve all of that in a relatively short time. Like in a fairy tale we always like to have a happy ending. But what happens when we create that happy ending? We realize something fascinating! That happy ending is actually a new beginning. A beginning of something bigger and more incredible than we have ever expected.

What happens at that moment? As long as we pay attention to how we feel, remember feelings create everything in our lives, we will keep growing. As we evolve into a new and more amazing person, every aspect of our lives grows to new levels. We become even happier. We make even more money and have even more magnificent relationships, etc. The most incredible thing that you can ever discover, as long as you stay in the right mindset, is that your life will continue to advance. You will create things easier and faster and you will have more fun than you could ever imagine was possible. You will realize in awe that wherever you are right now it is only the happy beginning of more spectacular things to come.

And…Your Magical Life will continue its phenomenal evolution…forever…

Have an absolutely magical week, full of LOVE, GRATITUDE and FUN!!!

Amanda Devine

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