The very reason we play games is to have fun. The interesting fact is that we take our lives too seriously. When we are serious the fun is gone. We cannot be serious and have fun at the same time. What would happen if we concentrate on creating our lives being fun? What if we treat our lives like a game?

We create everything by the way we think/feel. Good feelings create in our lives what it is that we desire. So, what happens when we are having fun? We feel good! This is the right feeling that we need to create what we want.

I am going to tell you about numerous situations that I have seen in my office and on Skype. I have lots of people coming to see me in pain, many very severe. I asked them to see in their mind the very fun thing they would do if they felt awesome. Do you know what happened? The pain, migraines, discomfort were gone! I have people who had suffered for years and in a matter of minutes they felt relief. Why? Because when we concentrate on fun we engage the remarkable power of the mind.

Could it be that simple? Things are more simple than we realize. The brilliance of the formula that I teach lays in its incredible simplicity.

What would happen if we concentrate on fun all the time? What would happen when we treat our lives as a game and have fun with everything we do? The answer is obvious. We win the game of life!!!

So, ask yourself all the time this very simple question. “Am I having fun? Yes, great! No, create fun!

Have an absolutely magical week full of LOVE, GRATITUDE and FUN!!!

Amanda Devine

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