No matter where we are and no matter what is happening in our lives the one thing that can take us on a journey to a new life are our thoughts. I was born in a socialistic system where people’s lives were completely controlled by the government. They even were getting into people’s minds to tell them how to think. To a certain degree they did accomplished that. But at that very time, I have realized that they could not fully control what it was that people were thinking. The thoughts of freedom were born and they spread like brush fire. A new idea was born of people thinking whatever they wanted to think about and be able to express it freely, and do whatever they desired. For a person born in a free country that is unthinkable! How can someone not be able to think, say and do whatever they wanted? But you see, many people including myself were born in that system. That confining system was all that we knew. For us to see that we can be free was a completely new idea. Something we had never experienced before. My first husband and I worked with the underground and fought for that freedom, risking our lives every single day for two and half years, until we were forced to leave our country in order to save our lives. We went to Australia and there I discovered something fascinating. In that beautiful country where freedom flourishes, people were not completely free. This time they were the ones that put restrains on themselves, by their way of thinking.

You see, we look at ourselves as little people in a big world that everyone tells us what to do. We are the ones that see ourselves as being limited. Why? Because this is the belief we were born into. We did not know any better. Now, a new idea is being born that we are more powerful than we ever imagined. It is a completely new idea. The interesting fact is that this idea has been available to us for over six thousand years. We are just waking up to it.

This “new” concept tells us that we create our lives. It means that we can create them in any way we desire. The only boundary that we have is our imagination. If we can imagine our lives being amazing, we can create them. We can create great careers, awesome relationships, health, etc. There are no limits to what we can do!

So, free your thoughts! Imagine the impossible and with the right mind set it will become your reality.

Have an absolutely magical week full of LOVE, GRATITUDE and FUN!!!

Amanda Devine

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