What is faith? How would you describe faith?

We probably have different descriptions.

What is faith?

Seeing in our minds that something is possible. Seeing in our minds that something can be done before it is even created. Knowing in the depth of our hearts that we have the power to achieve it. Having faith is the only thing that can create what we desire. It is ESSENTIAL to creating everything. It is something that we grow and achieve through calmness. Calmness is the key to creating faith.

Let me expand. For example: If we want to heal ourselves, we need to have faith that it is possible to do and we need to have faith that we can do it. The great news is that we can start from the idea of what we want and grow it into faith. You see in order to create anything, we need to see in our mind that we already have it. We need to see it as a done deal. Then and only then can we create it.

So, how do we do it? First, we need to decide what it is that we want. Let’s say that we want to heal ourselves. When we start with the concept of healing we are usually very far from the faith. First we wonder if it can be done and then, even if it is possible, a question comes to our mind: Can WE do it? The answer to both questions is simpler than we realize. We can do absolutely anything! We only need to convince ourselves that we can. The great news is that all we need is an open mind to start our journey. You already have an open mind because, you are reading this blog.

So, what is the next step?

We need to become calm. Calmness is the key to creating faith. The calmness that I am talking about is throughout the day. Love creates calmness. The more love we feel the calmer we become. So, we need to start with the feeling of love for ourselves and love for everyone and everything. That love creates calmness that grows into patience. Then we need to put in our mind the perfect outcome. In this case we want to be perfectly healthy. In order to create that, we need to repeat a little mantra throughout the day. I love you (your name). Thank you, I am perfectly healthy. Thank you, I feel fantastic. We need to repeat it over and over. When we do that something interesting happens. As we repeat it over and over we start believing that it can be done. Belief is a great start. Now, we need to grow that belief into faith. The solution is extremely simple. We just need to keep repeating the mantra until we know that we can do it. When we have the faith in our ability, when we see in our mind that we are already perfectly healthy, we heal ourselves. The faith we are talking about is seeing what we want as a done deal before we create it for real. In other words, we need to know that we are perfectly healthy in order to create health. The same principal applies to every aspect of our lives. When we have faith that we have something already, we create it for real.

How do we know that we have faith to create something? Faith creates what we desire, so if you already have the specific thing that you want, you have faith. If you still wish that you would like to have it, you need to keep growing your calmness into faith.

Magnificent Reader, see how amazing and brilliant you are. Feel love for yourself, others and everything else and you will create faith in yourself and in the incredible power that you possess.

Have an absolutely magical week, full of LOVE, GRATITUDE and FUN!!!

Amanda Devine

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