Is there an easy way to do things? Yes.

How can we do things the easy way?

The most important thing that we need to realize is that in order for things to happen the easy way, we need to become patient. Calmness is the key. Creating things in an easy and fast way requires patience. Calmness creates patience. You see, the more patient we become the faster and the easier we will create what we want. That applies to every aspect of our lives. The very important point is to be relaxed about the time frame that it is going to take for us to accomplish the desired outcome. Calmness that creates patience is required for our success. We need to set goals in order to know what it is that we want. Setting a time frame of achieving them is another thing. When we leave the date out of the process, we will find that we will accomplish our goals faster as we are going to be relaxed about them. You see, when we set our goals we get excited about them. The time frame of achieving them might excite us at the very beginning. We have lots of time to accomplish what we want and we feel relaxed about the date. But, as the time progresses and the date approaches faster, we start to check our progress against the date that we set. The closer to the date we are the more we compare our situation to the desired outcome. You see, calmness is the key to achieving our dream. When we omit the date and we have fun on our journey, we find out that we accomplish things much faster. Why? Because, we become calm and stay calm. The key is to have fun on the way and fun creates calmness. If we really stay patient we will achieve things before the date that we would have originally set.

Think about it. That works so completely differently than what we think it does. I discovered that in my own situation and my clients discover it every day. Some of my clients asked me a very common question: When is this going to happen for me? My answer always is the same: When you stop asking this question, then it is going to happen. Why? Because, it means that you have became patient and that the mindset will create your desired outcome.

So, have lots of fun on your journey to your dreams, be patient and you will create your Magical life faster than you ever thought was possible!

Have an absolutely magical week, full of LOVE, GRATITUDE and FUN!!!

Amanda Devine

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